Something Impossible Happens

Poems by M.K.Sukach

ISBN: 9781937806040

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Praise for Something Impossible Happens:

“Whether his subject is suburbia and domesticity, or war and its aftermath, these poems are sly, mysterious, surprising and almost always grave, that is honest. Sukach takes nothing for granted, so we reap the reward.”

-Dan O’Brien

“How does M.K. Sukach so perfectly balance his gift of keen wit with his “tumbling lung song of fluid light”? How can he speak radish? Play whisht? Something Impossible Happens evokes the meadow just outside and the love that’s in-between.”

-Natasha Sajé

“I’m so very thankful for these poems, for the way they have opened my heart, how honest they are, how they do not turn away from the ugly or try and make a hero out of the poet, or indeed out of the reader. M.K. Sukach has written a little book that will, I promise, help you survive the big, bad, world.”

-Matthew Dickman

M.K. Sukach

M.K. Sukach

M. K. Sukach’s fiction and poetry appearances include JMWW, The Hamilton Stone Review, Connotation Press, Spoon River Poetry Review, Construction Magazine, Yemassee, and more. He is a retired Air Force officer and currently lives in Colorado with his wife, Chris, and dog, Scribble.