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Big Wonderful Press is a traditional publisher. We publish using both POD and traditional print runs, depending on the book, as well as e-books. We also market our books and provide full editing and design. We accept unsolicited submissions only for our open calls.

Current Open Calls

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Anthology Pitches

Want to create and edit your own anthology? Submit your pitch and resume.

The Young Adult Project

Please submit traditional queries only (this means follow the same query letter standards you use for agents). We will request partials for anything interesting. All sub-genres are fine except horror.


Catching up…come back soon

Poetry Book Reviews for Blog

For publication on the website only…

500-800 words. You must not personally know the poet. It is ok if you have met them somewhere, but not ok if you have had them over to your place for dinner or if they are married to your sister. You cannot quote more than 20 lines from the book. The purpose of this is to encourage learning about new poets, not to find unbiased reviews (which don’t really exist).

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Open again! The free chapbook submission period is over, but you can now submit and support our authors at the same time.

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We often offer feedback on some submissions, but cannot guarantee that we will always have comments for every manuscript.