American Creative Writers on Class


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At a time when economic inequality is on all of our minds, this collection of nonfiction and poetry from accomplished American writers focuses on intimate moments, personal relationships, and common daily experiences at the intersection of people of different economic status.

AMERICAN CREATIVE WRITERS ON CLASS nonfiction and poetry contributors include Oliver de la Paz, Rebecca Keith, Matthea Harvey, Colleen McKee, Carolyne Wright, Emmy Hunter, Dorianne Laux, Monica A. Hand, Michele Carlo, Leslie Jamison, Caitlin Doyle, Christina Olson, Laura McCullough, Theresa Rodopoulos, and Sonya Huber.

“In America, airplanes are not the only place class matters. Paris Hilton, migrant workers, and waitresses in these pieces live in “a world of delicate relations” as Emmy Hunter puts it. We all suffer class in our “one and only life” as poet Dorianne Laux writes, and this collection takes note, gathering well and widely.”

— Terese Svoboda

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