No, I don’t mean Squarespace. I don’t mean Foursquare. Or any other new thing with “square” in the title. I am thinking of a beautiful, square version of Hilary Sideris’s brilliant forthcoming book of poems,┬áTHE INCLINATION TO MAKE WAVES, with all four-letter word titles. Four letter, just like four sides. And tight, clear stanzas that stay with you long after you read them.
Now, the pros are obvious. The book will be a gorgeous square poetry book. It will be a joy to sell online and at book fairs like this year’s Brooklyn Book Festival. But there are also drawbacks. The size is hard to stock on bookstore shelves. It is more expensive to produce, especially if we add some other extras I have in mind. So, to square or not to square?

So the solution:

We will have two versions of the book: one for wide distribution and one for a lucky few who purchase directly from Big Wonderful Press. Watch for it (sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Twitter)…there will be an opportunity to pre-order the fancy, square version soon with surprise extras.