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Big Wonderful Press is a small press in Brooklyn that publishes literary fiction, poetry, children’s books, and oddities. We like imagination.

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Do Twitter followers matter?

A lot of small presses look at the number of Twitter followers to try to determine how many books the author will sell… I think they do this because there really isn’t a lot to go by to estimate this and maybe Twitter is the best you got. There is some...
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To Square or Not to Square

No, I don’t mean Squarespace. I don’t mean Foursquare. Or any other new thing with “square” in the title. I am thinking of a beautiful, square version of Hilary Sideris’s brilliant forthcoming book of poems, THE INCLINATION TO MAKE WAVES,...
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New Poetry Book by Hilary Sideris Coming Soon

  Our first full-length poetry book, THE INCLINATION TO MAKE WAVES by Hilary Sideris, is in development now. The book’s title, The Inclination to Make Waves, comes from a line in Hilary Sideris’s poem “Flat,” in which nothing makes waves. Instead, it’s all...
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